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Automotive Tech Master, Inc. Charged for service not done Garland Texas!!. I took my 1960 AMC Rambler to them to get a radiator flush and fill on Monday June 6, 2018. I was also going to have them do an oil change and lube job. When they called me later with an estimate to do both at $150, I told them to just do the flush and fill. They were to get some kind of chemical to put in radiator to aid in cleaning crude out of radiator. They called later that day to notify me the work was done. I went there and paid the bill of $69.95 using my debit card. I took it home and had neighbor take me back to get my truck. The engine was warm so I did not open the radiator cap until later, when I did, I found that nothing had been done. The radiator was still filled with dirty fluid, plus the drain pitcock was never touched, still rusted and no antifreeze installed. I called and complained but only got their voice mail. I took pictures of the open radiator top showing the dirty water. Also pictures of the rusted drain pitcock. I then got an empty glass jar and tubing, drew out some of the fluid and put it in the jar. Labeled it and had neighbor sign it for verification. Finding anyone willing to work on an old car is difficult enough without being ripped off.I have not heard from them as to how they will correct this matter. Too many automotive businesses in Garland act as if they do not have to follow the law. So I am out the $69.95 as this was done on a debit card and the bank will not stop payment on it. As A Marine Viet Nam disabled Vet, I do not many options. I look forward to your help, Thanks, Paul

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