Automotix So-called on-line automobile repair manual was NOT Internet!!. After unsuccessful search for a repair manual for my 2007 Nissan Quest, I purchased what was advertised to be a complete manual for DIY mechanics from Automotix. In their words, “Buy here an access to a complete DIY repair and preventive maintenance procedures for your car or truck. Whether you need to reset a warning light, fix an engine or transmission, improve your automobile performance, repair electrical problem, find a component on your vehicle, troubleshoot a mechanical problem or just perform a preventive maintenance procedure, the Automotix DIY program is right for you. Buy now a complete collection of OEM repair manuals for your vehicle for less than five dollars!” After logging in, I discovered that their main business seems to be parts brokerage (I have no comment about that part of their business as I have not used it). Trying to find specific instructions about pretty common service procedures yielded a few (7) pages on service procedures. They did seem to have many wiring diagrams and exploded component diagrams, without any context as to where these components were or instructions on how to do anything with them, and they did have 7 more pages on specifications (like what you might get in the owner’s manual, plus a bit more). They also had 56 service bulletins about pretty specific things. Bottom line: they DO NOT provide anything like a manual usable for do-it-yourself mechanics as I was lead to believe. If that is what you are looking for, DO NOT buy their product – you will waste your time and money, and maybe theirs also if they bother to deal with another unhappy customer.

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