AUTONATION NISSAN OF LEWISVILLE Dealer added Texas Protection Plan without permission or any discussion with consumers. Lewisville Texas!!. AutoNation Lewisville Failed to disclosed that dealers Texas Protection Plan for 999.00. In a prior dispute with the Better Business Bureau they claim they told me about the plan 6 times on 6 different documents, 3 in which they claim they have my signature. They claim Nissan provided them with a document in which I acknowledged the Texas Protection plan but failed to provide proof of the documents. I was never asked to accept The Texas Protection plan that they only force on consumers without permission. I am seeking a refund of the Texas bogus protection plan that I still do not know what is consist of on my deal. The plan is not on my contract. I found out about the plan when I needed my Retail purchase agreement a week after I noticed I did not have a purchase agreement. The numbers on my contract did not add up. I called the finance manager Anthony Luna to ask why I did not get a COPY OF MY RETAIL PURCHASE AGREEMENT. Once I got home and reviewed my retail purchase agreement I saw the 999.00 Texas Protection plan then went on the dealership website and read complaint regarding other consumers who were not aware of the plan either. I was also over charged for warranty and the vehicle I purchased was missing the front windshield weather stipping . The dealership has been very unprofessional and uncoorporative in acknowlegement of the deceipt. There are a number of other consumers that were not provided a copy of thier Retail Purchase Agreement in an effort to hide the Texas Protection Plan.

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