Autopia Car Wash Review


When paying for my carwash, the cashier repeatedly asked me for my credit card PIN number. I explained that a PIN wasn’t necessary for a credit card transaction. He seemed annoyed with me, and after shuffeling around papers, etc., he finally completed my payment and returned my card. The following day my bank called me to advise me of attempted unauthorized use of my credit card for amounts over $1500. I immediately canceled my card and instructed them not to accept any charges. I then called Autopia to speak with the owner/manager. I was not given any information by the person who answered the phone, and they couldn’t tell me when a manager would be available, nor would they give anyone a message to return my call. After getting the runaround from this business, I filed a police report with the Concord Police department. On March 12, I finally received a call from Autopia’s manager, Burges Kerawalla. He vehemently defended his cashier and said that there was no way that he could of used my credit card number. He explained that his employee had just arrived from Pakistan, and that he was studying to be a doctor, and that a person with his character could not do such a thing. He continued to shout at me over the phone, at which time I said that he had lost a loyal customer. He hung up on me.

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