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Complaint: These guys are scammers and ANY GOOD REVIEWS THAT YOU SEE ARE COMPLETE BS. First, it is impossible to buy from them on EBay because they know you can get your money back. Also, Ebay will hold them accountable. So they push you to buy directly from them. They omit all of the promises they make from the contract while sending you a void of warranty for you to sign even though the warranty was promised. Then, the kicker, they want you to tell the finance company that you saw the car at the dealership. When I confronted them with the ommissions from the contract, Dan said that he felt I was trying to pull something. Hah, does that actually work on people??? I had to forward him his text promises to me. I told him the deal was off and so he then sent me emails agreeing to just a part of what was promised. We backed out when they gave us the final demand of lying to the bank. We didn’t actually look up any reviews until after this happened and discovered that we are not the first victims. Perhaps the biggest crook is Sean Nightingale, the finance guy. I want the world to know that these guys are crooks. They sell online because it is easier to take advantage of people. I have actually read on some of the reviews that they photo-shop their pictures prior to posting. Perhaps, that is why they wanted us to lie to the finance company. I did not buy and would not buy from these scam artist ever!! Buyer beware!

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Address: 4371 Pearl Rd. cleveland, Ohio USA



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