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Complaint: My wife and I bought a car from Autotec auto in February 2016. He agreed on fixing three items when we purchased the car. Head light lens had major condensation build up and HD light was out. Strut was knocking and check engine light was on. Final sale. 20,000. He agree. Out of three months we had our car for about a month. Took them two months to change a strut, a head light and catalytic converter. They started the cat two months three weeks after we purchased the car. After wards the check engine light was still on and car is still running rough at idle. He ignored us. So after four months it got worse. We took it to RK chevy and paid for a diagnostic. It was missing in one cylinder and the timing chain was throwing a code of being bad. The time chain does not get worked immediately. That it was the reason for the shaking when we bought the car. I gave the go ahead to open it up. Three rocker fell out. A bent valve. Oil in the cylinder. All caused from the bad timing chain. When the cat and cam sensor was installed. The computer recalibrate and jumped time. End result needed to install another engine. RK installed a used engine. One year warranty for 5,500. We informed Paul Bidic of Autotec. He called RK to know what happened and that was it. We paid for it. Also customers beware. Autotec are not giving out signed sales and financial agreements. I bought a truck a year before and was told they give it to the finance company. Asked repeatedly for a copy. Never follow up. The second time. They did it again. More go around. Come back later. We have to fine it. Come back tomorrow. Finally my father in law went and raised some hell and we finally received a copy. Not a photo copy. And we where told we are beat for the truck we bought a year before. If you bought a car from them. Look for you paper work. Bottom line. We bought a 20,000 dollar car from Autotec and after four months the engine went because of a bad timing chain. We where never compensated.

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