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I am a 20 year old College student and have a part time job, I was 19 at the time of the incident. I brought my 1990 subaru legacy in to Autotech on 2/06/04 becuause my car was running rough and it was overheating adn backfiring. The Autotech mechanics said that it would cost $80 for a diagnostic test and from there they could tell me what was wrong with it and fix the problem. They told me that my spark plugs were fouled by exhaust gases and that I would need new spark plugs and wires, so I agreed to have them do the work on my car. When I got my car back from them it ran noticebly better, but it still ran rough. At first I thought that I needed a new driveshaft because my car was shaking and when I had my clutch replaced a different mechanic said that I would need a new driveshaft and that my car would start shaking. I originally got a used shaft, but that didn’t make much of a difference, so I ordered a new driveshaft from japan for $600 direct from subaru. After that was installed my car ran slightly better, but my car still had issues with running rought and heating up. I had my uncle who is a ASE certified master mechanic take a look at my car and within minutes of opeing the hood he told me that my head gasket was blown and that was the cause of my problem, in fact, that was the cause that fouled the spark plugs. There was even oil mixed in with my engine coolant. Autotech charged me $277.54 for smething that my car didn’t even need. Even worse, just 2,157 miles(less then 3 months ) after autotech did their work my car’s engine, the engine exploded while I was driving, just as I was on my way to get a $986.97 engine job done on my car. My dad had to use his tow strap to pull my car the rest of the way. Great Job Autotech. I am never going to Autotech again and I would not recommend them to anyone else. I contacted them shortly after I had my new engine to try to at least get my diagnosis fee refunded, but autotech said that I should have compained sooner and that since I didn’t complain sooner, I won’t get any money back. Autotech is a rip off. Plus, they seem to enjoy sending coupons to me in the mail. I have the reciepts to back my complaint up including odometer readings ,estimates,and of course the engine that I had to buy. Autotech does not stand behind their work. Avoid them like the plague, they were a major Rip OFF and cost me $277.54 of my hard earned money that could have helped me pay for the engine, luckily my dad helped Pay for some of $986.97 worth of engine repairs, otherwise, I would be riding my bike. Jonathan Ada, MichiganU.S.A.

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