On December 12,2015 I contacted Jeff Noorian via phone and email indicating that I would like to set up a mobile repair at my residence. We made the appointment for December 14,2015. He was dressed in a mechanic type uniform with his name on it etc. At the beginning of the job I mentioned to him that my car was making a roaring sound especially upon exceleration. He told me that he would be taking a look at it. He came back to me and told me it was a cracked belt, tensioner and strut mount etc. I informed him that I thought it was the alternator at the very beginning due to my windshield wipers were moving extremely slow. I am not satisfied because after he changed out the so called damaged parts the car was still making the noise. That job cost me $300.00. I am dissatisfied because I feel that he was adding unnecessary things to the list of what supposed to be wrong. Even if there was a problem with what he indicated I paid him because I felt that the noise would stop. I believe he changed the parts but I should’ve been outside to observe him the entire time. Just because he indicated that the parts were damaged isn’t real physical proof.I asked him for my parts back and he never gave them back to me.I also asked to see the receipt for the part in which he could not supply that either. He handed emailed me a statement of charges but there wasn’t a breakdown separating the labor from the parts ( I have an email/text message requesting that to be done but he didn’t supply me an itemized bill as well). I then took my car to another walk in shop in Houston on the same day of December 14,2015 in Houston, Texas the guy tested the battery and alternator the outcome was that the alternator was bad. My alternator was replaced yesterday and the entire noise stopped. This is why I am very displeased with Autotekz Mobile repair. I know people are trying to make a living out there but it should be honest work performed. I won’t be using this service anymore and will be informing anyone I know to avoid it. I would like to at least get half of my money back since he didn’t fix the actual fix the roaring problem which was the alternator that I asked him to look at from the beginning. I am not implying that he did not repair anything honestly but I wish he would’ve done as I requested. This is a mobile repair so the service were rendered at my home.. I demand partial refund. Stay away

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