autotoys.con rip off fort lee New Jersey!!. I ordered a Power Acouctik car amp from them on line and paid for it, A week later they said that they don’t have it and can’t get it. So they said they can give me one like it, i said ok due because a week went by and they had my money.The amps come over a week later. It took me over a month to get the money to get it installed, I got it installed it worked for about 2 months and stopped working. I contacted them and they sent me a link to the manufacturer a few days later after a few emails to them.The manufacturer said that they would not honor the 1 year warranty because Autotoys was not a authorized dealer for their product. I contacted Autotoys again and they sent me the same email back with a attitude and said that they told me what to do. So i sent them another email with a copy of the email the manufacture sent me. Autotoys said that they were a authorized dealer threw a 3rd party and that their warranty was for only 3 months due to beening a 3rd party seller and that i was past the 3 months so it’s my problem. If i knew that up front i would have ordered the amp threw the manufacturer for the same price so i can get the full 1 year warranty.Also the amp was last years model that they sent me don’t even make it anymore .It did not state this anywhere on their website about 3 party or last years models . This company is a FRAUD with the worst customer service ever and they don’t have anyway for you to talk to anybody .And their phones are disconnected or a recording stating to email them only. AGAIN VERY POOR COMPANY TO DEAL WITH. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF LIKE I DID.

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