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I originally contracted Autotrail Transporters, Inc. in January of 2005 to transport my vehicle from Florida to New York. I was informed that in order to secure the same rate for an intended return trip I needed to make a full payment via my Credit Card for the return trip as well. I was faxed two contracts along with Credit Card slips for my signature and faxing back into their office. It is my opinion that this practice is used due to the fact that most credit card companies will have no control over a purchase for services after 60 days. This was indeed a surprise to me and a mistake I will never make again. When I phoned to schedule the return trip in October there was major confusion at their office regarding my invoice and I was told several times that they did not have any such invoice number. Finally I was told it was located and that my vehicle would be picked up from New York to return to Florida on October 13th. I had scheduled the pick-up several days prior to October 13th during which I discussed my personal arrival date to Florida with their representative. The representative suggested the 13th so I would not arrive after my vehicle and thus would be subject to storage fees. The representative explained that a driver would phone me with a time of pick-up; no calls were received so I phoned their office after noon on October 13th and was informed the pick-up would take place on the 14th instead once again questioning the existence of my invoice number. Approximately 3PM on the 14th I received a call from a driver who explained that he had just received the work order due to an administrative error and that he would be by in an hour to retrieve the vehicle. The driver indicated that the car would be placed onto a carrier the following morning and even asked a preferred placement on the carrier (top or bottom). The driver that retrieved my vehicle arrived with a small flatbed which already had another vehicle on it so I was towed to their lot. Nothing on their web site tells you your vehicle will be towed. The driver did not note any pre-existing damage in his documentation upon my turning the vehicle over to them. On October 17th I phoned to track my vehicle and was informed that it had not left New York but I would receive a call at the weeks end from the driver to alert me of a drop off date and time in advance. On or about October 19th I phoned again and was told it would now be the following week. Due to continued confusion and again being questioned about the existence of my invoice number, my concern grew and I requested to speak with a manager. That’s when the infamous “Greg” began his wrath and I will admit I did conduct myself in an un-professional manner and cursed “Greg”. This was however after being continually called a liar and being cursed at and spoken to in a most un-professional manner for someone wearing the title of “Operations Manager” as I attempted to explain my concerns. It was at this point that I was told my money would be refunded and that I was to retrieve my car from their yard on my own implying yet again that it had still not left New York. Realizing the fact that they were still in procession of my vehicle which was neatly packed with clothing, important documents etc. coupled with now being back in Florida I felt that I had no choice but to apologize requesting that a friend mediate the remainder of our term. I was unavailable to retrieve my vehicle so I made arrangements for a friend to retrieve it for me since I did not want to incur the storage fees with no grace period after 24 hour notification. This transaction took place on October 26th. When I returned to my vehicle on October 28th I noticed the damage. I also noticed in my new shipping documentation relating this final portion of our agreement clear indications of existing damage. The damage was noted by “We Care Auto” (the Motor Carrier contracted to retrieved and deliver the car by Autotrail Transports) which means from what I can see that the damage occurred while in Autotrails possession after turning the car over to them and prior to retrieval for delivery from “We Care Auto”! I notified my Credit Card Company and followed with a written notification to Autotrail Transporters, Inc. alerting them of the situation. I also notified “We Care Auto” who have been beyond professional regarding this issue. Upon “Greg’s” receipt of the certified letter sent October 31st (signed for by Gregory Sclafani) to insure their receipt and knowledge of the situation the RUDE & EXTREMELY UN-PROFESSIONAL creep for lack of better words telephoned and began to make threats. Statements such as I had been playing games from the beginning and he was tired of my s**t were followed by a threat of repossessing my vehicle claiming I had violated Federal Law as well as ICC Law by placing the return trip charge in dispute with my Credit Card Company. Autotrail Transporters, Inc. had been fully paid for both transactions due to the initial charge being processed well over 60 days prior to my dispute and therefore had no legal right to make such a threat. I as a consumer have a right to dispute charges and my concern is that this behavior may truly up-set and intimidate others with his loud and crude tactics. After filing a complaint with “The Fair Business Association of America” ; who they claim to be proud members of as displayed on their web site, I received yet another phone call from who I believe to be “Greg” (1st call I answered and upon telling me he was with Autotrail I immediately hung-up since I was not going to deal directly any longer with these fools) needless to say another called followed still with a phone number blocked threatening to file suit for Liable and Slander and suing me “Big Time”. Further threat of contact with the DA’s office to inform them that I made a threat upon his life? In all fairness, he could be confusing me with another dissatisfied customer which is easily understandable due to the overwhelming amounts of consumers reporting negative experiences regarding Autotrail Transporters. “Greg” also states the aforementioned dribble along with a continued threat of repossessing my vehicle and suing me for everything I’m worth in a response he sent to “The Fair Business Association of America” attempting to discredit me and my complaint which he sent via e-mail and copied me on. “Greg” is a total and complete fool (stronger verbiage would be more appropriate but fool will suffice) and beside requiring lessons in “Customer Service”, perhaps he should study some law regarding “Liable & Slander” as well. Needless to say I commissioned a web site (link deleted – see below) and since doing so I have been contacted by their attorney threaten Federal Trademark violations as demanding I take down the web site. Brian Fort Lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A. 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