Avakin Life Complaint


Achievements / walk 500 miles milestone: Problem: The walk 500 miles milestone been stuck at the same place on the achievement bar for 4 years of playing, the bar doesn’t seems to move a bit, i even checked Google play achievement and it says “0% completed” and i’m well aware that this achievement takes a lot of time and hard work, which i did, i thought “The first 50 will do” is meant to taunt us like a challenge if we can complete 500 miles, but now i think that’s how it meant to be, or i’m maybe missing something, i absolutely tried all the solving steps and methods, and it cant seem to work, perhaps it’s some kind of a glitch. Description: I have been playing Avakin Life for 4 years now, on multiple devices and also its been downloaded via play store, and on computer i play it on Facebook Gameroom, i used to play it on Bluestacks emulator, before Gameroom existed, i’m always up to date ’cause i get excited of whats new, and of course i played it on different internet connections 3G, 4G, i changed my WIFI internet provider many times through out the years, and yes i do have enough space on my devices, both android and PC. Info: User name: “Ehab Hijazi” Friend code: “QWJ-3XC” thanks in advance.

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