Ava’s Flowers Spring Texas Review


I contacted Ava’s Flowers on 4/4/14 after searching online for a florist in College Station, TX. They were listed first and advertised same day delivery. After searching online for a few acceptable arrangements, I called and was told that it would be the next day for delivery as the delivery person wadelivering making deliveries for the day but assured me ttie flowers would be delivered the next day. I then was informed that the majority of the arrangements I had selected were not available since it was Friday and they would not be receiving more flowers from their distributor before Monday, with a Tuesday delivery. I finally found an arrangement that they agreed was available. Although the online price said $49.99, the final price was going to be around $75, which I questioned since there was supposedly no delivery charges. I was informed there were handling charges. When I questionedwhy they were so high, they offered to reduce it to $68.94 if they didn’t include a bow. Since I did not feel like starting over with another company, I agreed. The following day I received an email with a delivery status link. When I checked, I received the message that my order was on schedule for delivery that day. By the end of the day there still had been no delivery. I called and was informed that she was was unable to contathe anyone as the store was closed so she did not know why they had not been delivered. I sent an email to customer service to ask why my order was not delivered. On Sunday, 4/6, I received a reply that only said they were unable to deliver but would deliver as soon as possible. WHAT does THAT mean? As soon as possible could be 3 months from now. This response told me nothing and was totally unacceptable! I called customerservice once again and was informed the reason they were not delivered as their affiliate had no delivery person. This was the first time that I became aware that Ava’sFlowers was not actually a brick and mortar florist but contracted with local florists nationwide to do their arrangements and deliveries. I asked for a complete refund as my friend was going to be released from the hospital the following day so there was no longer a need. I was so very disappointed as I was humiliated that I was unable to cheer up my friend while in the hospital. If Ava’s was unable to fulfill my requests, I would have appreciated that they tell me so I could have taken my business to someplace that could have assisted me instead of wasting my time. After requesting my refund, they said it could take up to 10 days to receive it. DO NOT WASTE your time with this company!!!

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