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I ordered A license for antivirus software. I was unaware that my laptop PC came with preinstalled antivirus software so when I installed the avast software it cost my computer to crash. I immediately phoned their customer service phone number and they were aware that the problem caused damage to my computer . I requested a refund only to be told that I needed to submittd a request in writing and they would send me an email showing me where I needed to submit a billing ticket. I forgot to send the request right away 5wo months later, I did submit a refund request later only to be told that since I did not request the refund within the guarantee period that they would deny my refund. If a product is purchased and and a company is immediately told that the product is incompatible then proper customer service is to refund the money. I never used their antivirus software, I had to return the laptop to the store and get a replacement. I feel that the company scammed me out of my $49.00. DO not buy Avast Antivirus software. You will never get your money back.

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