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Aviator Auto Group of York,PA They lied to me to sell a vehicle. York Pennsylvania!!. I purchased a 1998 Dodge Durango from Aviator Auto Group in York, PA about a month ago. Before I decided to purchase the vehicle I noticed there was no state inspection sticker on the windshield only a brand new state emission sticker. I asked the guy from the dealership who was helping me, why there was no inspection sticker on the windshield. He told me that they (The dealership) inspected it and it failed because it needed 2 lower ball joints and new tires to pass. He also said that they were going to replace the ball joints and tires and then they would pass it for inspection. I live an hour and a half away from the dealership and they said they would sell it to me the way it is for $400.00 less. I took the vehicle for a test drive and I noticed the steering had alittle play in it but I thought that was because of the bad ball joints. I decided to purchase the vehicle the way it was under the impression that it just needed new ball joints and tires to pass inspection. I also asked the guy if the vehicle was safe to drive home the way it was and he assured me it was safe to drive home even after I told him I have an hour and a half drive home. I got the ball joints fixed and put tires on it and I took it to my mechanic to have it inspected and he had a list of items that need to be fixed on it before he even got it on the lift. I do trust my mechanic he has known me ever since I was a kid and my parents have been using him for a very long time for all their vehicles. My mechanic informed me that to pass inspection this vehicle would need a new right front inner tie rod, a new steering intermediate shaft(from the column all the way to the gearbox), there was no battery hold down and the battery was to big for the mount so it didn’t fit so it would need a battery hold down and a new battery that fit in the mount, the front brake pads were almost worn down to the metal and they were also cracked and badly chipped and the hole on the right front steering knuckle for the caliper mounting bolt was totally stripped so the caliper was only held on by one bolt not two. And all this was even before he got it on the lift, he just drove it into the garage and found all these problems. I called Aviator Auto and told them all this and they just gave me the run around and said that if I wanted to bring the vehicle back they would give me a discount on the repairs and inspect it. I’m sorry but when they first inspected it they missed all these items so why should I trust them to do it again. I have a 19 month old daughter and her safety is a big concern for me so no I will not trust them to do the work and no I will never give them anymore of my money. I have now had all the items fixed that needed to be fixed and it is now at the mechanic again for state inspection. I posted an ad on the local Craigslist explaining what happened and Aviator Auto Group also posted a rebuttal. The following statement is exactly what they said in their rebuttal, I just copied and pasted it: AVIATOR AUTO GROUP SELLS GOOD CARS FOR GOOD PRICES!!! READ BELOW Here at Aviator Auto, we have range of different vehicles to offer. All of them are reliable. Most of them have current and up to date inspections. For the few that don’t have current and up to date inspection, they’re in the process. We strive to make sure customers are getting the best for their money!!! Google us to see our full inventory. We offer financing for any kind of credit. Good Credit, Bad Credit, it doesn’t matter. Recently a unsatisfied customer posted a ad slandering our dealership with false allegations. To correct his story, the customer decided to purchase a vehicle for a price lowered than what we were asking under the agreement that the vehicle will be sold “as is” without up to date inspection. We offered to inspect the vehicle for the price we had listed, customer insisted that he would take it for a lower price. Before he purchased the vehicle it was pre-inspected and in order to pass it required new tires and ball joints. We relayed the info to the customer. He takes it to another inspection station to get it inspected and they told him that the vehicle needed tie rod, steering shaft, and a battery holder. Under no intent, did we deliver false information. Had he let us inspect the vehicle, he would not be in the position that he’s in. If we inspected the vehicle for him for the agreed price, we would assume full responsibility for any missed defects or failures. Even with the “as is” circumstances we agreed to give him a discount on the repairs needed to pass inspection. Customer denied and said very aggressively that he did not have any money to pay for the needed repairs and would therefore post an ad about Aviator Auto Group on Craigslist saying we sell bad cars. In conclusion, this matter is about an unsatisfied customer who intends to shatter our reputation and wants us to be fully liable for the matters that’s beyond our control. When you or your loved ones come to buy a vehicle from Aviator Auto Group, we’ll take great care of you. If it makes you comfortable to bring a mechanic or take one of our vehicle to your preferred mechanic before deciding to make a purchase, that’s fine with us. Call or come in today. Aviator Auto Group 5210 n. Susquehanna Trail York, PA 17406 717-384-8898 They said in this statement that they did a pre inspection on the vehicle and it needed new ball joints and tires to pass. What exactly is a pre inspection and if they did a so called pre inspection how did their mechanic miss all these problems when my mechanic noticed the problems just by driving it. Also they must have done an actual state inspection because they did the state emission inspection on it and passed it so why would they pull it into the garage and just do emission on it and not the full inspection. Their motto is “We are all about making the customer drive home happy and safe” that statement alone is a lie because I am not happy and I did not drive not safe in this vehicle(even though the guy at the dealership said the vehicle was safe to drive home). As bad of shape as the steering intermediate shaft was I am lucky the steering didn’t lock up on me and put myself at risk and other driver’s at risk. True I did buy the vehicle “as is” as they say but they also told me the vehicle was safe to drive the way it was and they also said all it need to pass state inspection is lower ball joints and tires. Had I known this vehicle was unsafe to drive and all this work would be needed to pass inspection I probably would not have bought it. If you would decide to buy a vehicle from Aviator Auto Group and if they did the inspection on it I would definetly have it checked out by your mechanic. I pesonally don’t think they truely care about the poeple buying their vehicles all they care about is selling them so they will tell you anything to sell a car even if it puts you and your family at risk. I have already reported this dealer to the Better Business Bureau and it is under investigation. Do not buy a vehicle from Aviator Auto in York, PA they are a bunch of lier’s and rip off artist’s.

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