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Purchased a vehicle from Keith Jones of Aviator Auto group. Was told in writing it was safe and it would pass state inspection. Upon arriving at the site of the vehicle the seller made a point to say that the car had one minor problem with the exhaust pipe but that it would cost me virtually nothing. On the car ride home I started to notice a very distinct smell of gasoline. When I took the car to be inspected by a certified mechanic I was told that it was unsafe to drive due to Oil leaking into the engine causing carbon dioxide to flow into the cabin. | In an attempt to disclose this information to the seller in hopes that he would be a responsible businessman, I have in writing that I was being ripped off by the mechanics and that the car was in great condition and safe to drive. I have now had to car inspected by three certified mechanics all coming to the conclusion that the car is not fit to be driven and completely unsafe. The seller has made no attempt to remedy this and has instead only shown through his texts that he in fact, a liar and a thief.

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