Avlimil – Warner Health Care Valencia California Review


I saw the advertisement for a free sample, the only thing you pay is $4.50 for shipping. I went on the Avlimil website and gave my credit card information, only to pay for the $4.50 shipping. I received my sample and the a few weeks later I received a 2nd 30 day cycle without any type of invoice or receipt of any kind. nWhen I contacted the company & spoke with a “Customer Care”” Rep. she said that I had enrolled in their Managed Care Direct Plan and was being sent a new order every month and my credit card would be charged $35. I said that I had not and I wanted it cancelled imediately which she did do but she refused to credit my credit card the $35 for the 2nd order that I had not requested. I asked to speak with a supervisor but she refused to let me speak with one. nI called from their direct phone number at my own expense and was told someone would call me back but nobody has. I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau & plan on disputing the charge with my credit card company. While it is only $35 which is not a huge amount of money. I truly feel that this company had every intention of deceiving me and anyone else who orders a free sample nIlenenSanta Clarita


10891 Millington Ct Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.

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