Axiom Cleaning Systems Campton New Hampshire Review


On March 11, 2011, Alan Zahka from Axiom was brought out by contractors (Winterbrook Property Management) to check for mold growth in brand new extension of house. The new roof (put on by contractors in summer 2010) has been leaking since the last week of January 2011, and floors, walls and ceilings of two-story extension have been soaking wet off and on, with water continually coming in through the leak. nAlan was brought in by contractors after I repeatedly expressed my concern about mold growth. The upstairs part of the extension has water stains everywhere, the wooden floor has buckled and now resembles little hills and valleys, black stuff is growing between floorboards, and green stains are surfacing on top of the wood itself. Downstairs, in my young daughters’ bedroom, the carpet and padding has been saturated and now smells of mold, the drywall and paint have come off parts of the wall with the running, leaking water, and the ceiling is stained everywhere with water marks. nAlan was chosen by the contractors to come in and inspect for mold. The contractors told me they’ve worked with Alan for five years and trust his judgment. The contractors also told me they would take care of mold removal and would repair all damages and take care of all issues caused by the leak in the new extension. nAlan came into the house, looked around for no more than ten minutes, did not touch anything, refused to take any kind of samples for lab testing, and made the following statements: n”Mold cannot grow on carpets.”” “”Once carpet padding dries out

it’s fine

even if it’s been wet for more than 48 hours.”” (Mine’s been wet for over 7 weeks). n””You don’t smell mold in the carpet

that’s mildew

and mildew can’t hurt anybody. Neither can mold

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