Ayta Business Communications Complaint


Beware – AYTA Business Communications – www.aytavoip.com/ Save yourself a lot of time, money, and aggravation – do NOT do business with AYTA Communications! We paid $20, 000 for a “state of the art” phone system for our phone/internet based business of about 30 employees. The phone is our lifeline. AYTA Communications took our money, and in return gave us a totally unreliable phone system which they refuse to stand behind. Specifically, AYTA Communications gave us a phone system to integrate with the TeleVantage software, called Vertical Wave. It was sold to us as an upgrade to our current system. But as we found out after installation, it was a severe, inexcusable downgrade. It had fewer features and capabilities, and flexibility than our previous system, and CONSTANTLY CRASHES. We experiences phone outages, dropped calls, distorted voices, and all manner of disruptions and problems. Each of these problems alone would be expensive for us to endure – but all of them combined have cost a fortune. Our current customers get frustrated, our potential customers don’t trust a business with a periodically non-functional phone, and our employees face unnecessary stress and hardship. The problems first arose soon after the new system was installed. AYTA Communication’s response was that they would fix it, that there would be another upgrade. But nothing was ever fixed, and there was never another upgrade. When we asked them about both, we would be told that “the new upgrade was coming soon.” But it never happened. We finally told them our relationship with them was over. Their response was to slap us with thousands of dollars of invoices for work they performed trying to fix the upgraded system they sold us. In other words, they sold us a new phone system, charged us for it, it didn’t work, so now they’re charges us to repair it. Unbelievable. We learned the lesson the hard way that there are other companies out there with far better products. The lesson has been a very expensive one, however. Hopefully we can at least save other small business some money. Avoid AYTA Business Communications 604 Tabor Road Morris Plains, NJ 07950 Phone: [protected]

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