Azendoo Review


I was looking for an online project management tool to manage projets, I signed up for a free trial and missed the cut off date for a refund. Azendoo REFUSED to provide even a pro-rated refund as this software solution woul not work for me and they didint care that it wouldn’t work. | A year later my credit card is automatically charged to renew my Azendoo subscription without warning. My wife disputed the charge and I checked “my” Azendoo account to see if my credit card was on file. It was still on file and I immediately removed it and canceled my account. | I received this email from Azendoo… | well… you did authorize the yearly renewal : a subscription is set to renew unless you cancel it anytime before it’s renewal date… It’s like for your phone, you do not have to explicitly say every now and then that you want to keep your line | It looks like you’ve disputed the payment… I’m afraid our payment system does not currently allow a refund because of that dispute… plus it costs our small team 19.71 in fees which we’ll provide evidences to show this is a due payment to solve the dispute in our favour). | That being said if you remove your dispute at your bank I will be able to refund with pleasure. | Let me know. | Chris | the lack of customer service and outright disregard for its customers ultimately cuased this report to be posted. I want to warn as many professionals as possible to avoid using ths company. May be it has to do with the fact they are French, this might explain their pompous attitude!


Name: Azendoo

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 1 888-269-3795


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