B.Ralph Landscape & Design, Inc. Review


This company was doing work at my neighbours home, the owner was nothing but rude and aggressive. I asked the owner (Brandon) if he would be kind enought to start using his equipement at 7am as he would begin at 6 am. causing a ruckus for our household and other neighbours on our street. When I approached the owner, he was rude and had an attitude, when I walked up to speak to him he responded with “WHAT?” in a very aggressive tone. He then refused to stop the machines and proceeded to continue with his work. The next day our street was blocked off with materials and trucks causing traffic jams. A bylaw officer came that day as well. | Beware of this business owner if you ever come in contact with him.


Name: B.Ralph Landscape & Design, Inc.

Country: Canada


City: Richmond, Ontario


Phone: 613-978-5200

Website: bralphlandscape.com/

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