B2 Group Global Irvine California


Complaint: This company seemed good on the surface but instead all the promises of web design, seo and other internet services were inaccurate. I tried to be patient with this company and gave them the benefit of the doubt when hiring them for the internet marketing services they promised me but they couldn’t deliver on any of them. At first the company was really decent to us in their pitch promising us they’d work with us on development of our site and website design, even telling us they’d come out to us to help us with our web design in Irvine office. Once they finished their work, they refused to help us with any work unless we signed a long-term retention contract, which had a bunch of stuff we didn’t need or want. The company’s president all of a sudden turned very rude and demanding telling us that they did all they could to help us and that our case was out of the realm of what they promised us. He insisted on us signing a contract with them or he wouldn’t help us with the work that we all agreed on and he started insisting on repeated phone meetings where he would complain about various team members that he claimed didn’t know how to do their job, even insisting that we fire on at one point.

Tags: Internet Services

Address: 2405 McCabe Way u2013 Suite 210 Irvine, California USA

Website: www.b2groupglobal.com/

Phone: 9493576775

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