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This was 2 weeks before Christmas, Brian all of the sudden stopped answering all phone calls, emails and even letters. He owes a total of $1,700 for work the 3 of us had done in the past 2 weeks before this. He not only did not pay us but come May he filed taxes and included the money he did not pay us on. He sent them late, after we all filed our taxes so now because of Brian with BA Contracting we are out $1,700 and owe on taxes because he was not responsible enough to file on time. We have gone to his home, emailed and called multiple times since December 2013 and nothing back. Not one phone call back at all to either of us. This is not a way to run a business and I can not believe that he still even has a business after the way he handles not only jobs but his employees. We have proof of timecards in email and even proof from emails back from him the week he started ignoring us. This is a warning, do not work for or do any business with BA Contracting or you will get screwed over just like we did. Thanks for reading have a great day.

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