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My boyfriend and I were moving in together and shopping for a mattress. We came in and Betty S. was very helpful. She even called the day the mattress was delivered (one month later) to make sure everything went well. That’s where the good things I have to say about this location ends. The mattress was delivered on 3/8, we noticed on 3/11 the mattress was sunken in on one side and you could tell the difference rolling from one side to the other. It was like one side was 10 years old. I called on 3/12 and spoke with Betty S. We simply wanted an exchange because we did like the mattress. When I told Betty S. about the issue I expected an initial apology (yes I know it’s the manufacturer and not her fault) and to be told we could exchange it. Her first question was “how much does your bf weigh” He weighs 230 lbs, why that would be an issue anyway I’m not sure. We are talking about 3 days after we received the bed, I don’t care if he weighed 500 lbs a mattress set that cost almost $1000 shouldn’t be buckling in such a short amount of time. I was then told we could exchange it but there would be a $50 delivery fee for the new mattress. WAIT WHAT? I asked her why we would be responsible for a delivery fee when the item is obviously defective. After going back and forth for at least 15 minutes she then tells me they don’t actually handle those issues at the store level and that I would need to contact the warranty company (she at least provided their number). I called the warranty company as soon as we hung up and to my surprise (insert sarcasm) the rep I spoke with said the store should actually handle it but he said he would call the store and straighten everything out. I got a call from Betty S. about a minute later and she said the warranty company told her to exchange it for free. After me and Betty’s exchange I was no longer interested in an exchange and wanted to return the mattress and take my money elsewhere. When I told Betty that she said I would again be responsible for the pick up fee and a restocking fee. WAIT WHAT? Why would I pay a restocking fee on a defective item and why would I pay you to remove your trash from my apartment. She then told me she was doing me a favor by only charging me $50 to pick it up instead of $79 and I believe somewhere around $150 for the restocking fee. I guess she expected me to thank her or something instead I told her I would call her back when I decided what I wanted to do. I then called my credit card company, let them know what was going on and filed a chargeback. I called Betty back and told her she could have someone pick it up. A little over a month later we received notice that part of the chargeback was being reversed and when I received the paper work I knew why. Betty S. is a LIAR. She said I called 2 weeks after we received the bed and said it was soft. She said she offered an exchange for a different set but I refused. Luckily I had the option to reply and sent in copies of my phone records with the delivery driver’s numbers proving when the bed was delivered and picked up. I also had emails from the rep at the warranty company stating when I ordered/contacted him and the reason. He also sent me an email stating the reason for the return was damaged/defective. Well I just received paperwork in the mail stating it had been decided in my favor, my nightmare is now over. We ended up purchasing a new mattress set from American Mattress, we told the salesman about our experience here and we were told in case of a defective item it is exchanged at no cost at all and if you just don’t like your mattress you can exchange for equal or more value for $25 and the difference. My advice, go there!

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