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When most people hear about rehabs, they imagine a well-organized center that helpsthose suffering from mental disorders recover to the norm. It’s an obvious thought that these rehabs journey. Itís so unfortunate that some of these rehabilitation centers are a den of disasters and people with no morals. I am talking like a victim of a mortal jolt at a rehab known as Lucida Rehab in Lantana City, United States of America.

Each time I hear of a horrible place whatever comes into my mind is Lucida Rehab. It looks like a nightmare when I remember what I went through in this rehab just in a few days. This place is a real hell where many go through a lot of mistreatments especially from the staff members who are supposed to nurture the clients. People have suffered at this place on different unfriendly experiences. Lucida rehab editorial team posts on their blogs about how luxurious this place is. They encourage those suffering or who have friends and relatives that suffer from mental disorders or addictions to try their services.

To catch the attention of those seeking the best rehabs, they lie to people that Lucida Rehab is located along seashores. They mention about reforming programs which some of them are never done at this facility. This is a horrible and artless rehab that nobody should be interested to seek their services.

I will share the unpleasant experience I went through at Lucida Rehab to help others know the truth about this narrow rehab. This article should keep people aware of mistreatments and other unfruitful protocols offered at this rehab. If you have thought of enrolling yourself or your relative at Lucida Rehab you will make the right decision after reading this article.


More or Less on Lucida Rehab



This is a national treatment center for mental/health disorders, drug and alcohol addiction. It is accredited to provide a client-driven hospitalization to the victims. They have a team of technicians and counselors who sets up therapy programs to help men and women to remodel their lives. They are located at Lantana City, street address 112 North Oak St, Suite 109 FL Province, Zip code 33462 United States of America.

Their treatment center administers treatment services for bipolar disorder, trauma, depression mental health issues and substance abuse addiction. Their team contributes comprehensive treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders. There are experienced psychologists along with other clients (those with similar struggles) who also offer support to enhance the treatment program. The syndicate ease with worldly experience and ďprovenĒ treatment for mental health and addiction issues.

At Lucida Rehab they highlight their programs which include innovative therapies, team-work, excellence, smart recovery, and home-like comforts. They have a program for mental health treatment to both genders who suffer from depression, drug or alcohol addiction, trauma, and bipolar disorders. They implement individualized care called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), trauma-focused and traditional therapies. 12 steps programs are said to be offered in a luxurious and private setting for addiction programs. They tailor a treatment that fits the client’s needs. They call this a typical day program.


Types of Therapies Offered at Lucida Rehab

The therapies that are available at Lucida Rehab depends on antiseptic need and the duration to stay. The shorter the duration, the less the fee and the other way round. A cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment is offered to help the client recover from mental disorders and addiction. This treatment makes the client see the positives in life than focusing on negatives, stress or trauma that may cause self-harming behavior.

Another therapy is said to be training the client about the skills for coping with emotions, problems associated with the disorder, and improving socializing with others. This therapy is called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills. Gestalt therapy helps the client to be present with the thoughts, emotions, and feelings to forget about the past. There are self-help groups where clients participate to encourage each other.

A comprehensive assessment is offered to each client while the treatment starts. The clinicians explore each client’s psychological and medical history along with family history as well. The assessment is done to use the observations to develop an individualized treatment and medical needs. Psychodrama therapy contributes to letting the clients experiment taking the role and giving feedback to each other. Yoga therapy is implemented to help the client have a balance between body, mind, and spirit. The clients have daily fitness work out to reinforce their commitment to recovery.


The Lucida Rehab Environment

The rehab is located in Lantana City, Florida. They lie to people that the rehab is near the coastal waterways. It’s an awkward center with old buildings and so dirty indeed. Writings are all over inside the building walls. There are no cleaners employed to keep the facility tidy, the clients are forced to clean the facility by the harsh staff members. I had read about how Lucida campus has modern renovated townhomes with private rooms and suites. To my surprise, we lived like students in cubical rooms though the beds were somehow comfortable.

The worst of all the environment is noisy and non-peaceful to enhance the recovery. The admitted clients were so noisy rooming around each corner of the facility. Everything was disorganized since the techs were busy doing personal things forgetting to control the clients. Some who have medical disorders were so aggressive to me and there was nobody to handle the situation. The techs never listen to complains because they treat clients like psychotic victims.

At Lucida rehab website, they have stated that theyíre a few minutes from the beach, luxury shopping areas, Palm Beach County and museums but all these are just impressions. Lucida rehab is nowhere close to these attractions. There is nothing like the beaches with white-sand along the edges of the rehab. They mention how they’re near the luxurious beach hotels and shopping destinations like Plaza Del Mar, The Esplanade, East Ocean Boulevard only to praise their artless rehab.


Leadership and Staff Members

Lucida Rehab has a treatment team that is made up of nursing staff, therapists, case managers and behavior health technicians who guide clients through the rehabilitating process. The leadership team includes Sergio Muriel (Executive Director), Stacey Ellsworth (Financial Operations Analyst Manager), Heidi Dixon (Human Resources Manager), Loren Miller (Nurse Manager) and Heather Baker-Carr (Clinical Director). These leaders are never concerned or even bother following-up on how their staff members are operating the rehab. As a client, I would only hear about their names and positions but I never saw their presence within the rehab even a single time during my stay.

The medical staff is led by a clinical director called James Snow. He is said to be an EMDR, mental health counselor and addictions specialist. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania State with a masterís degree in consoling. He is a one jovial and concerned doctor but he rarely attends the programs.

There is a primary therapist known as Dr. Stephen Heelan. He is a mental health counselor, addictions professional, expert divers, and dual diagnosis population treatment. He operates in New York and Florida. He studied psychology doctorate and neuropsychology from the University of Carlos Albizu. He also studied sexology at Maimonides University and graduated with a doctorate. This doctor is so rude and has no morals, he treats the clients like prisoners. He is authoritative just like a prison warden.


My Admission at Lucida Rehab

I attended Lucida Rehab for the depression management program. I heard about them from a friend who encouraged me to try them regarding the depression I had for losing my job. Depression was almost killing me so I needed help to overcome the trauma. My need drove me to an urge of knowing more about Lucida Rehab and how they can help me go through this tough journey to recovery.

I had to look for them and luckily found their website and I wanted to know more about them. What I saw on their website itís the kind of a place I needed for my healing. I read about all the treatments they offer including the major mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. This is exactly what I needed so I had to call them for a confidential assessment. The customer care service told me to schedule a meeting with their admissions team.

They coordinated a travel intervention, companions and a car service that could pick me at the agreed meeting point. The car that picked me was kind of an old van. Later we met with the admissions team where we had to agree on financing and accommodation. Laura Jacobs was the admissions counselor who told me that the fees will vary depending on my stay duration andcare needed. She told me how good and healthy the food for clients is. So we agreed on everything and my fees added to $20,000. This was quite a big amount but I had no other option than to pay the amount because I needed the treatments.


My Stay at Lucida Rehab

I was admitted successfully and I had to stay for 7 days. The promises that were made to be created many expectations in reawakening my life again. All those promises were deceptive because everything was different from my imaginations. My reason for enrolling at Lucida Rehab was recovering from the depressing life I had. The admissions counselor told me that the programs for my recovery were morning therapy, medication management, help with interview and resume preparations, job searches, and life skills.

My first day at Lucida Rehab collapsed without undergoing any of the promised treatment programs. I remember how the clinicians were busy with their smartphones and never attended any of the clients including me. This was so ignorant since some of the mentally challenged clients were so chaotic but nobody was there to stop them. The place was so noisy just like a kindergarten. I never bothered to think otherwise because it was my first day there. The second and third-day things never changed. I didn’t hesitate to head to the administration to raise the issue that I haven’t attended any of my scheduled programs. So the clinical director asked me to wait for a few minutes because my admission details didn’t appear on their system. I didn’t understand what he meant by that, but I never bothered to question him about his answer. I headed back to my room.

The following day things were a bit different because I attended a peer group discussion where some of my fellow clients shared their story. This didnít mean something to me since I had tried some counselors who shared a lot of stories about people who once had depression and how they rebuilt their lives. My depressed state never changed and I was already missing home because I realized home was a better place than Lucida Rehab.

Depression was overcoming me and the rehab meant nothing to me. The expectations I had when enrolling in a 1-week program at Lucida Rehab was now gone.I went ahead and asked one the clinicians why I haven’t received any medication or therapy as promised. The clinician told me that the clinician in charge of depression programs is on a vacation but the rehab is expecting another clinician to replace the one absent. I felt wasted because it was on my 5th day still waiting for therapy or at least some medical assessments, but that never happened.

I couldn’t stand losing the money I had paid for the fees. I went to the admissions coordinator to request a program termination because I had stayed in the rehab for 5 good days without any clinical assessment as promised. The answers I got from the admissions coordinator frustrated me. The lady told me I have stayed in rehab, ate their food, and used their water and electricity and that I didn’t bother participating in self-help discussion groups that could have helped me realize the reality in life. She insisted that I should utilize the remaining 2 days to participate in those unhelpful groups and that my condition needs no medication or special therapies.

This was a clear indication that there were only interested in the fee I paid but not helping me rebuild my life. I so bent out of shape because my rehabilitating dreams seemed to be shuttered. I parked my possessions ready to leave the horrific rehab. On reaching the exit gate, the security guard asked for a passing sheet but I had none. I told him I have decided to leave be due to my reasons. He strongly stopped me from going exiting the rehab without a passing sheet, he asked me to get one from the admissions office. I couldn’t imagine going back to that unenthusiastic office again to ask for a passing sheet.

The only left tendency stayed in my room for the remaining day. I locked myself in that room for the remaining day and nobody ever bothered to check on me. I never took their feeble and unrefined food. The day came and I left the pathetic and inattentive rehab as a dismayed person and a multiplied depression. Lucida Rehab proved their unprepared programs and crude experience in handling people with mental disorders.


Other Complaints

I am not the only victim of Lucida Rehab’s mistreatments. On their blogs, a large number of former clients in this rehab have complained about different horrible moments they went through. Most of the people have expressed malicious acts from the staff members, accommodation, food, and other discomforts and unfruitful programs.






Others have gone through hardships and disappoint from Lucida Rehab. Unfortunately, there’s no one to share their stories. People suffer in different occasions under this unpolished rehab facility. Any victim of terrible experiences in Lucida Rehab should come out to make others know the reality behind this unfathomable rehab.



Lucida rehab is a heavy-handed facility that only proves their craving and deficiency in their phony programs. They almost destroyed my life and perhaps other people have gone through hard times in there. I know this article has benefited you.I found it of much importance to keep people aware of this greedy and unhelpful rehab. Everything posted on their website is forged to catch the eyes of the reader who might need their help.

This horrible rehab has been welcoming clients with fake promises of luxurious life and care. It all turns around when you’re admitted and that’s when you realize you lost everything to get nothing. These kinds of fraudulent facilities should not be deceiving people with imaginary assertions. Do not enroll yourself, family or friends, atLucida Rehab because your time and money will be wasted in unfruitful programs. This place should be a no-go zone for anyone seeking mental health. They should be avoided at all costs.



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