Bad Boy Report: 770-527-6701| 770-527-6701


Name of Domestic Abuser: 770-527-6701| 770-527-6701

Reported by: – antifraud

Age: Not sure

Country: Not sure

Location: not sure

Sexual preference: Not sure

Gender: Not sure

Zodiac Sign: Not sure

Maiden Name:

Relationship Status: Not sure

Profession: Not sure

Education: Not sure


Ethinicity: Not sure

Hair Color: Not sure

Eye Color: Not sure

Height: Not sure

Weight (lbs): Not sure

Tattos: Not sure



He called me told me about coming up to Alpharetta to spend some time with him, I told him it was too far for me to go… he made plans to come to my place in Midtown Atlanta but he never showed up. He has behaved like that with other escorts in the area. – |

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