Bad Boy Report: **** *****, bad mom, thief, family destroyer – Merrie Gutierrez


Name of Domestic Abuser: **** *****, bad mom, thief, family destroyer – Merrie Gutierrez

Reported by: – anonymousbbc

Age: 23


Location: Cartersville, GA

Sexual preference: Straight

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign:

Maiden Name: Merrie Broadnax

Relationship Status: Separated

Profession: Other



Ethinicity: White or Caucasian

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5 ft 3 in

Weight (lbs):




This ***** Merrie Nicole Gutierrez aka Nikki Neenee met my husband thru a friend and she decided she was gonna **** him and tear my family apart. Not only once but twice. She tried to cross me again but after she realized she was just a used up girl in a womans game she gave up. Just seen her in this weeks just busted magazine. Shes nothing but trailor trash imbred ****gie *****. She cant even keep custody of her own kid. Shes also married but doesnt care who she destroys. What she dont realize is shes not a trophy wife, and no man looks at her like a trophy wife or even a decent woman cause shes just a ****gie *****. Her and my ex husband lasted a few months, then he booted her ass cause he had used all he could. A woman who cant keep her own kid aint a woman she just a lil girl thats worthless lookin for the daddy that her pill head momma couldnt keep around. Women shell **** your man….men shes a **** so have at it. |

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