Bad Boy Report: Danielle Warning – Danielle Panait

Bad Boy Report: Danielle Warning – Danielle Panait

Name of Domestic Abuser: Danielle Warning – Danielle Panait

Reported by: – PinkyLove

Age: 51


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Sexual preference: Bisexual

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign:

Maiden Name: N/A

Relationship Status: Married

Profession: Other



Ethinicity: N/A

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: N/A

Weight (lbs):




The nastiest girl I have ever been with. I had to alert everyone because she gave me ****** and is completely crazy. Her online pictures do not look deceiving but do not trust her. She assumes she is a fitness instructor when her real talent could be instructing woman on “how to be *****s”. This ***** wants all my attention because she thinks she has looks however her ugly ass wardrobe is what will catch your eye first. Its what i saw first, when we talked I figured I could smash and dash. But I regret hooking up with this ***** because she has been up my butt ever since “stage 5 clinger”. I thought we would be one and done but she does not get the hint. She wants to gossip all the time but i never knew this until after we slept together. I can not get rid of this girl! You would think she put so much energy into her marriage. She claims she is “40” but looks 56. Get some wrinkle cream cougar ***** and not just for your face ! |

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