Bad Boy Report: David A Knight| 415-215-5569


Name of Domestic Abuser: David A Knight| 415-215-5569

Reported by: – tiredofteasers

Age: Not sure

Country: Not sure

Location: not sure

Sexual preference: Not sure

Gender: Not sure

Zodiac Sign: Not sure

Maiden Name:

Relationship Status: Not sure

Profession: Not sure

Education: Not sure


Ethinicity: Not sure

Hair Color: Not sure

Eye Color: Not sure

Height: Not sure

Weight (lbs): Not sure

Tattos: Not sure



He called me and texted me over and over again. I knew he had no life outside bothering escorts, yet I made plans with him. He said he was fat but when he showed up he looked even worse than I expected. He never removed his shirt, and was bossy, hipper… so annoying. Within the first hour of our 2 hour appointment he started asking me to cum, very pushy, specially considering how nasty he was. I had to spank his ass too. Very demanding. Finally he gave me an envelope complaining I didn’t cum enough and bitching about it. He stiffed me out of 100. Don’t deal with him! He has a lot of issues! – |

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