Bad Boy Report: getting married – Edward DeGaramo

Bad Boy Report: getting married – Edward DeGaramo

Name of Domestic Abuser: getting married – Edward DeGaramo

Reported by: – anonymousxe

Age: 26


Location: Binghamton, NY

Sexual preference: N/A

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign:

Maiden Name: N/A

Relationship Status: N/A

Profession: Other



Ethinicity: N/A

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: N/A

Height: N/A

Weight (lbs):




Eddie came into the bar I work on a Monday night with his uncle. Keep in mind I see his uncle every day and did consider myself friends with him. Long story short- I fell- he lied, he’s getting married and I was one of three additional girlfriends-not including his fiance. Careful-he will tell youhe is falling in love withyou or in love with you…..extremely convincing. |

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