Bad Boy Report: Joseph Fitzgerald Backus, Dallas, Texas US


Name of Domestic Abuser: Joseph Fitzgerald Backus, Dallas, Texas US

Reported by: – nerdylover82




Sexual preference:


Zodiac Sign:

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Weight (lbs):




Joseph aka JJ is a big liar. He manipulates woman. He is a married truck driver who has woman in all areas. He was dating me while he is married. He told me he was single.He has several kids by different woman. Trust me I finally did my research when the lies did not add up. Se He will never commit to you and he will use you up. He uses his fancy cars to lure girls. He is about 6í2, late 40s and dark skinned with a tattoo on his left arm says jbreezy. It look like he covered another name but cant make it out. He has a white lexus s430, old school truck and a silver/bronzish gmc truck with jordan on back window with large wheels. He is not stable mentally or emotionally. He is very cheap and he spend money you will pay dearly. He will devastate your life. He is a demon, manipulative and user. He has a disease and he passes it on. He is not clean since he has several woman who he sleep with unprotected. Donít get caught up with this loser and warn as my as possible. He has left several man hurt and torn. He will never stop cheating!!! I have known him for several years and he made promises but never fulfilled them. He lied about working the reason he couldnít stay night. He told me he was having problems with his girlfriend but he was actually married. Run as fast as you can from this creep. He will pretend to be spiritual at times but there is nothing spiritual about him. He loves sex and woman. He is a very big trick who will leave your mind troubled and depressed n greatly stressed. He will make you feel sorry for him like he has been used by a woman and he will fool you. Its a game!!! You wonít win!!!! Donít let him near your children. He has a very troubled past and is very physical when you want submit to gain control. Its a mind game. He is in oak cliff and east Dallas ait. He is known to get around. He has been the worldís biggest ho for years. He donít have a future to offer you!!! He will drain d ry!!!! His friends will lie for him because theirhos too. They are not faithful to wives .

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