Bad Boy Report: Osman Muneer||9082757627


Name of Domestic Abuser: Osman Muneer||9082757627

Reported by: – ladyv1919

Age: 30+

Country: USA

Location: 2923 Briar rose ct, fort wayne , IN

Sexual preference: Not sure


Zodiac Sign: Not sure

Maiden Name:

Relationship Status: Not sure

Profession: Not sure

Education: Not sure


Ethinicity: Not sure

Hair Color: Not sure

Eye Color: Not sure

Height: Not sure

Weight (lbs): Not sure

Tattos: Not sure



I never saw this guy but he contacted me a few months back I rejected him and he kept harassing me and stalking me since then. Sending emails because I blocked his number saying Im fake a loser or whatever. I repeatedly ask him to stop and he continues to harass me to this day. He seems psychotic and obsessive. |

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