Bad Boy Report: Peug or Beul| 303-907-4450


Name of Domestic Abuser: Peug or Beul| 303-907-4450

Reported by: – Don’t.Take.No.Crap.

Age: 50+

Country: USA

Location: Denver

Sexual preference: Not sure

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign: Not sure

Maiden Name:

Relationship Status: Not sure

Profession: Hospitality

Education: Not sure


Ethinicity: Not sure

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’1” 61in 154.94cm

Weight (lbs): 120

Tattos: Not sure



He was a good client but then decides to fuck with me tonight..why i have no i am reporting him here and another website to warn others of him..not sure why he is choosing to be a mean asshole to fuck with me..but beware of him ladies… Yes he did it again and get his kicks over being an ass to me..So he texts me while i am work and i tell him i am at work..then he texts me and lets me know he what time he would be here..then he tells me he has had 2 beers, proceeds to tell me its okay..tell me “hi” twice and i tell him i would see him another time..Then he has the nerve to say “i just let you know 3 hours ago”..So i tell him to just leave me alone..also that i am not in the mood for this shit.So he has the nerve to come over anyways, knock on my door and try to come in my place..This whole time he is fuckikng with me for kicks..So i do not answer him at the door..i am way pissed off at this time.. Then he tells me “Hi i think your busy today next time thank you”..This is not good guy at all..i plan to leave him in the dust when my life makes a bigger change with how i make my money..Ladies i highly suggest you have nothing at all to do with him..He will cause you heartache and not care..He is a pathetic little mexican loser..oh and an alcoholic.. When i do not need his money to pay my bills i will walk away without a word..DO NOT SEE!! – |

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