Bad Boy Report: Timothy Gerald Komlody last known Tampa FL USA, current city unknown travels


Name of Domestic Abuser: Timothy Gerald Komlody last known Tampa FL USA, current city unknown travels

Reported by: – about anon ex




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Zodiac Sign:

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Timothy Gerald Komlody is a predator who will smooth talk you until your comfortable. Once he has you he will move into your home (unless you are lucky) and then changes. He will cut you off from family & friends. He will talk down to you to try to hurt your self esteem. he will pull out the negative dictionary & use every word he can muster. He will go through EVERYTHING you own, your computer (really good at getting passwords) your phone & use things from your past against you. He has a domestic abuse charge in Texas & tried to run his sister over with a car in Ohio so he knows not to hit you until he has you way down and gone from everyone. Tim is a stalker. I have had to call the police on him a few times. I was able to get him out but I still get calls from “Satan” (he does the voice & everything. saying he is in the back yard or will be showing up to ruin your life. he even did this to a deputy and I now have a prosecution request in the state of Florida. Just be careful I hope that any future victim of his does what I didn’t and googles him to see how crazy he is. After I came out on a social media site about him I had 6 girls come out and tell me they had the same type of thing happen to them & that does not include the girl from Texas he beat or his sister who still has major back problems due to him hitting her with his car. also he does not work much, but will sell his plasma for a little bit of money here or there. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!

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