Baer’s Furniture Review


I picked out a living room accent chair with the help of sales person who stated the design of chair would be perfect with the picture of my sofa and living room that I showed her. She was forceful and assured me it would look great when I said I was not sure. The next week I called to cancel order because the chair was not the right style per designer and she stated I could not because it was a special order and I had to take it. She was very rude. | When I spoke to Manager, Kent, He said I don’t need to take the chair, they would credit my $49.00 delivery fee but they would keep the remainder of deposit. He said he can’t make adjustment untill the chair came in. Seven weeks later, they still did not credit the delivery fee to me. | I contacted customer service and spoke with Mr. Baers. He was very unprofessional. It did not phase him that the sales person did not know what she was doing, gave me wrong advice, was rude and that the manager did not follow thru on his promise to refund delivery fee. I asked him if he understood where I was coming from and he blatantly said “no, I don’t”. He stated I was not getting my delivery fee refunded and they were keeping the whole deposit which included tax and delivery fee. | He showed no regret for how I was treated, no apology, or concern that I was a unsatisfied customer. Absolutely Poor customer service. Buyer Beware! No wonder they are closing stores. Bad experience, unethical company, only care about sales.


Name: Baer’s Furniture

Country: United States

State: Alaska

City: Pinecrest

Address: 7501 S.W. 100th Street

Phone: 786-475-4551


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