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Bagger Bags Returned a motorcycle fairing per their instruction and have not received my refund. Plantation Florida!!. April 13, 2018 I ordered a motorcycle fairing from this company. On May 15th, 2018 I called them to cancel the order. I was told that it may have already been shipped but that I could return it. May 21st it arrived at the local post office. On May 22nd I picked up the package and called the company on what to do. I was told I could return it but that they must receive it within seven days. I shipped to them by UPS on May 22 and they received it on May 25. On June 18 I contacted them about my refund. I was asked if I had sent them a tracking number, I had not. I sent them all the information they requested and they acknowledged receiving it. I was told that they had all the information they needed and would forward my request up the chain of command. I did not receive my refund or any information as to why or what was needed. I have been in contact with them several times since then and have been told the same thing, they have all that is needed and I should receive a refund. As of today Feb 20, 2019 I have not received my refund. The last time that I talked to anyone at this company was Oct 4, 2018. I called them the week of Oct 16th and left a message but they have not returned my call.

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