Bagster Review


We recently decided to rip out our existing tile countertops and needed a solution for taking care of the resulting debris. My wife was at the local Lowes (literally two blocks away) and saw the ‘Bagster’, a mini canvas dumpster. At 29.95, it seemed like a bargain, so she bought it. | I carefully checked all instructions on the bag regarding placement, and put the Bagster at the end of our driveway. Next, we proceeded to fill it with the rubble over the course of the next few weeks. | Then, I went to the web site to schedule a pickup, an here’s where things took a sour turn. First, I found out that the cost of the pick-up was going to be ~$150. If you look at the small print on the bag, it mentions that this fee would be listed at the point of sale, but there was no such documentation found at Lowes. This seemed kind of high given the bag with its soft sides would hold maybe about 2 cu yds of usable space, but they had me over the dumpster, so to speak. | However, further down the web page that pops up when I’m scheduling my pickup, there’s a little bit of red text that states ‘no pickup from alleys due to safety reasons’. What the heck? So I called, and was told by a Bagster customer representation that they don’t drive their 40 foot truck with crane down alleyways. I asked if they could send one of the regular WM dump trucks that goes down my alley every week, but they said no, that was a different division, and that I should call 1-800-got-junk. | So not only was I bait and switched, I was sold a defective product that can’t be used in the driveways of the vast majority of houses within the area because they won’t pick up from an alley. Note that I could have ordered a 10 yd dumpster, and another company would have been happy to deliver and pick-up from my driveway. Now, I got a dumpster full of garbage that I’m going to have to unload and either trailer to the dump myself or pay someone to do the same, and it’s not going to be cheap. | The thing that really burns me, though, is that they thought that they could just put a little tiny note on their website which you can only see after attempting to schedule a pickup. Why the $#$% did they not update their packaging after they changed pickup policy? Why is this product even for sale at my local Lowes given driveway location on the alleys in the area? Why do they have to waste 1/2 of a day of my life and other family member when I find out they won’t follow through on their promises and I’m going to get to load and unload the trash again? | One note – I’m pretty happy with my regular garbage and recycling from Waste Management – those guys rock. This Bagster division? Maybe they should rename it the Fraudster division – I’m very unimpressed.


Name: Bagster

Country: United States

State: Alaska





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