Bailey Mcnabb Port Charlotte, Florida Florida


My name is Melissa. I was with my husband Derek for a little over 5 years. We got together in 2008 and I gave birth to our son in April of 2009. We got married in November of 2010. His job is an electric lineman for Pike electric and worked out of Miami Florida, far from home. He would stay in Miami for 2-3 weeks at a time to work and only home for 6 days. I knew something was going on in February 2012 when I told him me and our son were going to take the 3 hour drive to Miami to spend the weekend with him and he asked me please don’t come down here, we don’t have the money. When we clearly had the money, we had over 3k in the checking account. So I agreed not to go down there. || In June of 2012 I found out that he had been talking to a girl I considered a friend. His father told my mom that he started talking to her back in November of 2011. But he swore to me he didn’t start talking to her until after we split in June of 2012, which his cheating is why we split. I then found out December 1st when we were at a parade that out 3 year old son was in, that she was pregnant. And VERY pregnant, he of course told me it wasn’t his and insisted he didn’t cheat on me. She then gave birth in February. And putting little comments like”daddy’s little girl””she has daddy’s ears” etc. She’s a true homewrecker! Used a struggling marriage to swoop in and get her a $ making lineman.

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