Baja Motorsports Reviews & Complaints


all i can tell you is never buy a product made by baja. i purchased a baja mini bike on 11/28 for my son for christmas i puchased it from pep boys they started it wen i picked it up. on christmas day my son went to ride it. it crunk but would not go. so the next morning i called pep boys they told me that i would have to contact baja. well lets just say that by the time i got on the phone with baja after a 36minute hold the level of customer service that i recieved i no longer even wanted thier product. so i called pepboys back and asked the proper procedure on reciveing a refund. the manager thier told me that the contract that they have with baja they would have to have a “rga #” in order to give me my money back. so once again i called baja they were very rude again would not give me a rga # telling me that i would have to take the mini bike to thier nearest repair shop nor would she let me speak to a supervisor i told her the $300.00 that i paid for thier piece of crap equipment would allow me to hold. she told me i could not tie up her line and she then hung up on me. well my husband called back reached a supervisor and explained to him that we no longer even wanted thier product due to the fact that thier customer sevice reps were so rude and nasty. and the mf told my husband that the only way we would get our money back was to take the mini bike and put it on the side of the road and sell it ot take it back to pep boys and see what they could do. i have never in my life been treated so nasty by a people representing a company as big as baja. needless so say the manager at pepboys was so nice and my anger was in no way at pepboys it was with baja because every time we called they had a very nonchalant attitude like they didn’t care about what the problem was but there was nothing you could do about it. so a few words of advice never purchase anything with the baja logo on it because it probably won’t work. one of the reps at baja told me herself that they have been overwhelmed with calls about thier products not working that day and it was only 11am my time.

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