Bank of America Corporation Review


I have payroll and SSI deposited into my account. Well when you make a purchase online it goes as credit. Well the purchase was for 350$. I live in a hotel. So it was taken out of my account at one point. Well the following week when I was paid I paid another $350. The first one apparently bounced back to my account. Then a couple days later another $350 was taken out of my account. This now made my account negative. So I decided to take a 400$ loan from a lending a source, so I wouldn’t stay in the negative and get hit by BOA overdraft fees. After doing this. They closed my account. They say they don’t have to have a reason. Well. They are still sending me emails stating my cash back deals are almost expired. I had direct deposit of 154$ in my account on November 1st. I found out it was closed when I went to buy a coffee. I called them and they are now telling me, my account will not be final closed until December 10, 2018?! So, I have to wait a month for my money?! Weird. It’s no wonder that they had a class action lawsuit. They are criminals in plain sight.

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