Bank of America San Diego California Review


Bank of America is scamming its consumers out of benefits advertised and specified in their terms and conditions. Applied for a Credit Card with BofA to receive the reduced cost Companion Fare on Alaska Airlines March 15, 2016. Receive a Voucher that stated to expired April 16, 2017 (12 months later) (annual $75 fee) Went in in March to verify when it expired and marked my calendar to ensure I bought the tickets I needed. Came back weeks before the expiration date and the vouchers were missing from my account. Called Alaska Air, they said the Voucher had expired. I was bummed out, but then when I asked when I would receive my next voucher, as it is advertised it should be received on my “Account Anniversary”” and was told to call Bank of America

as they would be issuing it.Called BofA and the told me that indeed although I did not receive the voucher until nearly a month after I opened my account

it had been issued March 16 and had expired. I asked about the new Voucher and they said it was issued on March 20 and it would take a billing cycle to show up in my account. My complaint – 1. I work at an online store and understand the way Vouchers work. If they can remove a voucher on a targeted date

they can issue one on a targeted date. What is the reason for the delay in delivery? I believe it is to save the company money on having to honor the benefit that is advertised. 2. This delay in delivery ensures that the consumer cannot use that voucher for one full month each year. The representatives I have spoken to have stated that the voucher has already been issued to me however

I do not have access to it until after my next billing cycle. Meaning it will expire March 16 however it will not be usable until April 16. If they really wanted to honor this voucher they could easily give me the voucher code via email or over the phone. 3. The advertisement both with Alaska Airlines as well as Bank of America clearly states that “”you will receive a new voucher each year on your account anniversary date””

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