Bank of Montreal [BMO] Complaint


Bank of Montreal sucks. I am concerning that master card company took away 4610 cad to pay for a joint credit card that I had with my ex husband from my bank saving account without any notice, I canceled that card one year ago, I was the second card holder, I never activated that card and never used, I dont understand why master card stole my money away from my saving account without any notice, the person owe Mastercard company is my ex husband, they should ask him for the money, not me, Its not right to do that to me. I trust my bank thats why I put money there, after this happened I can not trust Matercard and my bank anymore. . And I tried to contact the Matercard company, it seems it takes me long time to get to the right person, and then run to the voicemail, I left a message, and still didnt hear from him. I am so frustrated about that. Its not fair for me, I didnt expect something like that would happen in Canada, I thought canada is fair country. All I wanna know now is give me an answer why they could do that, and I need my money back. JJ

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