Bankcard Alliance Complaint


CRAIG CLARK – SCAM ARTIST ON THE LOOSE SCAMS ANOTHER COMPANY!!! My wife and I have been running a hair salon for 8 years. We found a company named Bank Card Alliance, based out of Hartford, CT online that advertised Unsecured Business Lending for small businesses. We put in an application and it was approved about 2 days later for 150, 000 dollars for our salon for expansion. We ended up paying roughly 26, 000 in “processing fees” and to make a long story short, ended up with NOTHING. We have filed a complain with the US District Attorney’s office, and have began legal action against BANK CARD ALLIANCE. The kicker is, when doing some digging, my lawyer comes to find out that BankCardAlliance is actually being run by a man namned Craig Clark, a CONVICTED FELON FOR BANK FRAUD AND ATTEMPTED MURDER!!! He USED MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER 6 DIFFERENT TIMES FOR MISC. PURCHASES ON THE INTERNET!!! THIS COMPANY MUST BE STOPPED!!! MY WIFE AND I ARE ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS!!! other complaints about this company and FRAUD, CRAIG CLARK!!!

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