BankerREO Scottsdale Arizona


Complaint: BankerREO is a scam and has taken many, possibly thousands of realtors from across the US for $349 with the promise of REO listings and BPOs. BankerREO needs to be stopped and put out of business once and for all. BankerREO has been around for years and this is the 2nd time they got me for $349, however, this time they gave me 4 BPO’s to do with a 60 day guarantee that I will be paid for the BPO’s and that they will turn into listings. We need to stop BankerREO and I am requesting help from anyone, especially the real estate industry along with my real estate friends and partners. I was refunded the $349 the first time and I will again, but my time and effort are lost. Please pass the word as we need to put BankerREO out of business. Please know, they may go by another name after this, however, no legit asset management company will ever require an upfront fee and be cautious if they have an area code of 847.

Tags: Realtors

Address: Internet United States of America


Phone: 888-356-9111

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