Barber Lounge, LLC. Review


My experience at this “barber shop” was anything but tasteful. I had hoped to spend some relaxation time on myself after work instead of rushing through a quick Great Clip’s cut. Looking at some of the reviews and browsing the website, it was said to be just the place. Wow , was I wrong about that. I’m not one to bash on a business for my own pleasure, as i’m a business owner and I do know how reviews can change the game. I am stating some facts about this place to save someone their time and money and go elsewhere for an experience a bit more classy then you will ever find here. | First of all , my “greeting” was about as akward as can be. There were A handful of women standing around NOT acting professional in any way AND a front desk receptionist male that did not seem happy. About six people not doing anything at the front and not saying hello makes things a bit weird. No one greeted me with a hello, but I did hear the man at the front say “so and so, YOUR GUY IS HERE.” VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Timing WAS good, that was about all. I sat down in the chair with hair from a previous man all over it (Do any of the six people standing around sweep? ) and the young lady started to cut my hair. This is where the not so classy part plays its role. I don’t think this women knew my name, but I sure knew more than what I wanted to hear while getting a cut. I can tell you all about the partying, drinking, downtown , dates, and her child ; yet she did not even ask me how my day had been. The haircut was fine , exept the fact that she gave me a “fade” in the back. I DID NOT want this. I wear a suit and tie and I like a professional cut. She did not ask me if I wanted this in the back. When I saw her put another blade on her trimmer I asked curiously what she was doing with that one, as she had already put it through the back of my hair. “Oh, it looks good like this! ” I think this place needs a serious lesson in customer service. No way do they cater to the clients. It felt like I was there being completly rushed and not getting what I wanted. After the cut and shampoo she had walked me around to the corner and before I could thank her for her time I hear “next one is here!” It was a very rushed feeling at the desk for her to get to the next person that I will not go through again when paying $32 for a cut. Save your money and time. I have had better days at great clips.


Name: Barber Lounge, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Indiana

City: Indianapolis

Address: 3407 E 86th St,

Phone: 317-257-4599


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