This company targeted us with leads for approximately 4 or 5 months and we finally decided to sign up for $96.00 to receive leads based on all the positive reviews posted online. The minute we signed up and starting contacting the leads, most of the people (leads) would not even follow up with us, one or two that did responded tried to sell us products, most wanted free service and no where close to the amount indicated on the price for services. Using was a huge waste of time, frustration and money! Every time we spoke with Representative they always had an excuse why we were not closing on any of the leads like we did not respond fast enough (responded on some with in 3 minutes). This was a very bad experience and very expensive. Do not use this company!



Country: United Kingdom

State: England

City: London

Address: 8th Floor 6 New Street Square New Fetter Lane

Phone: 020 3697 0237


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