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Sent Barkley Capital $1,500 about a year and a half ago , and then their Web Site disappeared, BUMMER! Well today I got a call from a person named Paul Lewis and he said he was with Barkley Capital, I could’nt believe it. ( I was contacted by a recovery firm about a week ago referring to this very thing and he said they said they were pursuing this matter, but it would cost more in legal fees and wasn’t worth it, He told me people were going to jail as he spoke, so this may have some validity as they may be trying to save their a*s !) he said he would send me the details on how to withdraw my gains that I made over the last year which was $65,000!!, and that the money is in an overseas acct in Costa Rica due to a Tax Haven, but I would have to send $6,500 dollars to the Costa Rican Treasury to cover the Luxury Tax imposed BEFORE they could send the money. | He then sent me an email with the withdrawal procedures and it looks like they might actually be sincere, at this point I will have to see if I can attach the e-mail which is pretty interesting This seems way good to be true, I know that a lot of a people have been affected by this, and want to find out if this is LEGIT, Thank You, Richard

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