Barrister Global Services Network Complaint


Barrister global services is the worst companies I have ever worked for. At first they were decent. Although their work orders were underpaid, at least they paid on time. About 6 months ago, barrister stopped paying me on time. At first it was a couple of days late, then it started creeping into a couple of weeks. Barrister has something they called speed pay which means you would get your payments for each work order within 14 days of completion and verification of the rfs (receipt for service). They typically charged 13 percent for this service. I always selected this service and they stopped paying within the two weeks and still charged me for it. At some point, I got frustrated dealing with their accounting department because I wasn”t getting paid on time. So I found their ceo, debbie bowers email address and cc”ed her in the emails I sent to their accounting department (payissues). This was when the persecution started. All of a sudden they started claiming that work orders I had completed two months prior with all the necessary paperwork were missing parts. Before you get paid for any ticket, they typically verify that the parts have been delivered and they pay you. They claimed that they did not receive parts. Luckily for me, I documented all my trips and didn”t misplace anything even after I got paid for it. After, I was able to prove them wrong by presenting all the receipts for shipment and they couldn”t back their claim up, they decided to let that go. Somehow, they would like to say this was coincidental but they day after I proved them wrong, they dug up another ticket that I had done from about a month ago and said it was missing parts. I explained to them that the parts were in their possession and that they couldn”t charge me for it. The technical support representative that assisted me with the call asked I ship everything back. I shipped everything back to them and the technical support representative left barrister shortly after that. Becca edwards (who usually does all the dirty work) pretty much insisted that she was going to charge me for the parts that were in their possession which they verified. I asked her to verify with the tech support rep that worked with me on the ticket, she refused to hear me out. She said they were charging me $260 which coincidentally was the amount for a 6 trip ticket to city of frasier, mi.. So essentially, I was not paid for that ticket. Fast forward that a couple of weeks later, there was another call I took.. At this point, barrister was behind schedule paying me for about 9 tickets. After looking at my schedule and thinking I might not get paid for this call, I figured it would be a tight fit and I called to turn the call down and notify which is 3 hours prior to service time according to barrister standard operating procedures. I did and as usual becca edwards had a problem with it. She said I could not turn the call down without a good reason and that she was going to charge me $100 for not showing. I have turned lots of calls down and I have never heard of having a good reason. She emailed me a copy of the standard operating procedures and of course it said when you turn a call down, you should give adequate notification prior to the service time and there was nothing about giving a good reason. I pointed it out to her and then she basically said if you do not accept my judgement and accept the $100 charge, I will dismiss you from barrister. I told her I would not accept it and she dismissed me. This was all fine and dandy but at that point, it was like pulling teeth to get paid the 9 tickets that barrister owed me. This was about two months ago. Eventually they paid 7 out of the 9 tickets, they said they were not paying 1 and then the last ticket which was a two trip ticket to sms millcraft, they have been full of excuses. At first they said, the ticket was missing parts.. I said yes indeed, I dont have shipping labels to return the parts which their cores department usually sends out. After trying to contact their shipping department for three weeks to send me out labels to send me labels to send the parts back to no avail, I sent the parts back myself. This was about three weeks ago. I then emailed payissues (their accounting department), their cores department and the ceo (debbie bowers) copies of the shipping receipt and confirmation of delivery. Three weeks ago.. They responded that they cant void out the parts for payment, thats the cores departments job and the cores department refuses to respond. I dont understand how the accounting department and ceo cant come up with a way to pay me for my trip to sms millcraft. If the cores department isnt doing their job, shouldn”t the ceo step up and get them to pay? I called the crs on the work order (amanda holton) who was very nice but could not do anything to help me. At this point, they have stopped responding to me. They are leaving me no option than to contact hp, sms millcraft and city of fraser directly since they wont pay me.

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