Bartley Garage Charleston Illinois


Complaint: I Visited Bartley Garage when my brakes my failed. I had Bartley’s Garage tow my car to their garage and asked them not to do any work because i am a poor college student and to call me with an estimate. Bartley Garage called me with a $700 estimate, spitting off prices like $100 to replace each drum and such, a ridiculous amount. After calling around to find out exactly how much of a ripoff it was, i decided to change mechanics. Bartley’s charged me $210 for the tow and taking my brakes apart. I found also later that they had beat one drum and blowtorched it so badly that though it hadn’t needed replaced when i brought it in, it had to afterwards. When the other mechanic/tow truck service came to tow the car we attempted to push the car out of their garage and the owner tried to close the door on us coming very closely to one of the tow truck man’s neck and nearly smashing me in the head. When my mother called to complain they told my mother that i was a liar and that they were not rude whatsoever….then hung up on her. Bartley’s Garage is full of crooks, trying to get money out of people they think know nothing about cars and taking advantage of college students. Tabitha Charleston, IllinoisU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Mechanics

Address: 814 18th St Charleston, Illinois U.S.A.


Phone: 217-3453345

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