Barton Roofing, Inc.


We hired Barton Roofing on 3/1/2018 & paid 1st 1/3rdpayment of $4900. | Barton Roofing started work after obtaining applicable permits on 5/9/2018. | Barton Roofing deceived us into paying the 2nd 1/3rdpayment of $4900 on 5/18/2018 by telling us that all work was completed, and they were ordering the shingles that would be delivered on the roof and that the work would be completed in 2 days. The 3rd and final 1/3rdpayment was to be made after satisfactory completion of work. | Barton Roofing failed tin tag inspection on 5/30/2018. Barton Roofing failed tin tag inspection again on 6/25/2018. In fact, Barton Roofing did absolutely nothing to correct the deficiencies between the two inspections. | Barton roofing has removed the permit from the work site. | Barton roofing caused several leaks in to our home. Barton roofing had left water pouring in to our master bedroom closet. | We had short circuit due to the leaks and have no electricity in our master bedroom for almost 2 months. Barton roofing has also ruined carpet inside our home. | Barton roofing threw debris all around house with complete disregard to homeowner’s property and damaging house and surrounding landscaping. Barton roofing left debris including nails all around the house for several days. Even after cleanup, Barton roofing has left debris including nails pointing upwards in the balcony and around the house for almost 2 months. | Barton roofing did not show up at all for 3 weeks from 5/29/2018 to 6/14/2018. Barton roofing did not respond at all to phones calls, text messages, emails and registered letter sent by USPS. Then Barton roofing showed up twice to stop the leaks. But after that Barton roofing has completely stopped responding and no one has shown up to complete the work. | Incomplete and improperly done work is damaging our home. Barton roofing has left the house exposed to weather in hurricane season. Under the circumstances, we are worried and concerned that the work may not be done properly and may not withstand the next hurricane. Some of the plywood appears rotten or cracked from the attic that has not been replaced by Barton roofing. If shingles are placed over the roof, it will cover up the deficiencies. | Because Barton roofing was able to deceive us into making the second payment easily, Barton roofing thought we were completely gullible. Barton roofing wanted more money for work that we later found out could not even be done on our house. Barton roofing basically thought he could just keep cheating us. We will be out of the country for a month and we can only hope that there is no major damage to our home due the actions of Barton Roofing. | In the past, David Barton of Barton Roofing has taken advance payments from homeowners and then delayed work, not performed proper work, not completed work, caused leaks and caused damage to property. David Barton was ordered to pay damages of $153,549.68 in final judgement dated 3/27/2018 in the case of CHATEAU WOOD HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. V BARTON, DAVID. David Barton was also ordered to pay $110,549.68 that included an amount that the “Defendant, David Barton Roofing, Inc., had fraudulently obtained from Plaintiff”. | It appears that the modus operandi of Barton roofing is to take advance and as many additional payments as possible, do poor quality job, cause damage, delay work causing damages, and when the homeowner insists on proper work on time just not show up and not respond at all. And finally when the homeowner demands work be completed before any more payments, abandon the job and scam other homeowners. | Allowing David roofing to operate roofing business is putting homeowners at risk of fraud and damage to their property. The sad part is that even if this business is forced to shut down, he will start new company and scam more people. | Suppliers have filed lawsuits against DAVID ROOFING, INC. AND DAVID BARTON for not paying and also obtained garnishment order. | Homeowners also filed lawsuit because he fraudulently took money, damaged homes and abandoned work. | Please see attachments from public records. You can search on PB Clerk & Comptroller website: | FREE PUBLIC VIEWING OF CASE INFORMATION & DOCUMENTS | | You can see for yourself just how dishonest this business owner is. | He has scammed us, taken our money, damaged our home and abandoned work.

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