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Date of the Incident: 01/30/2019 Client Number: Not available I have been doing shopping in Bashas for about last 2 years . I work next to this Supermarket and visited Deli to get a lunch, 3-4 times a week. Today I wanted to buy salami and asked a young associate to cut salami for about 4 inches width. That”s when it started. First, told me that he need to know the weight…?????? The question itself seemed awkward to me because I am buying salami not the first time in my life, and no one ever asked me a question about a weight. I answered that I really do not know the weight, if he could just cut 4 in and showed him with my hands how wide it should be. Next, he raised his voice and repeated the same question about the weight. I told him still, that I truly do not know the weight and I also asked him why he raised his voice at me. He insisted on his question again and I could not manage it any more. I asked to call maybe someone else who would be able to cut salami for me. He is young man, and first I would think he has no experience handling food, … but raising voice and showing attitude…? That”s a shame.

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